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Vagabond Citrus Solvent - All Natural

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Size: 1 Gallon (108 Fl Oz)

This stuff smells great!

Vagabond Citrus Solvent, made from orange peels, is an all natural alternative to paint thinners including acetone, mineral spirits and toluene.  When mixed with Vagabond 100% Pure Tung Oil at up to a 70% concentration the oil will penetrate deeper and dry faster.  We suggest starting with a 2:1 ratio of oil and solvent and testing a small area prior to applying.  You can always add more solvent.

Don't want to mix it?  Try our pre-blended 1:1 Citrus Thinned Tung Oil.

In addition to thinning oil-based coatings, Vagabond Citrus Solvent is the perfect solution for cleaning up around the shop.  It's great on grease stains, adhesives and most other difficult to clean messes!

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