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Save A Trip Fence Stain Kit: Easy Fence Staining Solution for Your Home

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Size: 1 Gallon Kits (~425 sq ft of fence)
Color: Dark Coffee

We put everything you need to stain your fence in a box and deliver it to your door with free nationwide shipping.  Beat that hardware stores!

Kits Contain:

  • KleenStart Concentrated Granular Wood Cleaner from Outlast
  • Endless Summer Fence Stain Concentrate (1 gallon or 2 gallon options and 4 semi-transparent colors to choose from)
  • Clean DeFence Water-Based Acrylic Top-Coat Concentrate (Provides 3 years of protection from moss mildew, mold and algae)
  • 8 Liter Pressure Sprayer for applying all of the products above
  • Vagabond Fence Stain Accessory Kit:
    • One (1) 9’x12’ Plastic Drop Cloth
    • One (1) 4’x12’ Canvas Drop Cloth
    • One (1) Roll Blue Painters Masking Tape (1”x60 yards)
    • One (1) Bristle Scrub Brush
    • Two (2) Painters Rags
    • One (1) Premium Varnish Paint Brush (2”)
    • One (1) Wire Paint Roller Frame (4”)
    • Two (2) 3/8” Nap Paint Roller Cover (4”)
    • One (1) Indoor/Outdoor Safety Glasses (Light Tint)
    • One (1) 3M VFlex NIOSH N95 Respirator
    • Six (2sml,2med.2xl) Painters Gloves (Black, Nitrile, Industrial Grade, Powder-Free, 4 MIL
  • Easy to follow step-by-step instructions so your fence will end up looking amazing for years to come

The first thing you need to do is pick from one of our four classic semi-transparent colors. Our stain is available in Dark Coffee, Milk Chocolate, Warm Redwood and Rich Redwood. 

Next you need to measure your fence. Standard prefabricated fence panels are 6 feet tall by 8 feet wide. If you have one of these fences, each panel including posts is about 52 square feet.  If your fence is not standard, just measure the total length by the average height to figure out how many square feet you need to stain. If you're staining both sides, double the measurement.

One gallon of our Endless Summer Fence Stain Concentrate covers ~450 square feet of fence after it is diluted with water. That means on average, one gallon of concentrate can stain about 8.5 of those standard size fence panels.

 One Gallon Kit  ~400-450 Square Feet / 8.5 Fence Panels
Two Gallon Kit   ~800-900 Square Feet / 17 Fence Panels


Our kits ship same day before for orders placed before 1pm Pacific Time.

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