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What Is Q8 Log Oil?
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What Is Q8 Log Oil?

Q8 Log Oil from CTA Products is a high-quality wood preservative that is designed to protect and enhance the natural beauty of wood. This oil-based product is a “chemical solution” rather than a “chemical suspension” like paints and stains.  Q8 Log Oil combines an active (EPA registered wood preservative) ingredient into natural oils and waxes that penetrate deep into the wood to provide long-lasting protection against water, UV rays, and other environmental factors - and most importantly STOPS decay causing organisms.

One of the key benefits of Q8 Log Oil is its ability to protect wood from the inside out. Unlike traditional surface coatings, such as paint or varnish, Q8 Log Oil contains the active ingredient which is able to penetrate deep into the wood grain and permanently bond to the cell structure. The presence of this active ingredient eliminates the cellulose as a food source for any organism feeding (ingesting) on/into wood.  For instance, if a termite tried a bite of wood protected with Q8 Log Oil, it would be his LAST meal.  At the same time, it is highly suitable for pets and people because the mammalian toxicity profile enables use of Q8 Log Oil on food contact surfaces such as picnic tables and park benches. 

Another major benefit of Q8 Log Oil is its ability to enhance the natural color and grain of wood. Because the product is pigmented primarily with trans-oxides, it enhances the natural beauty of wood without covering it up. This is especially beneficial for log homes, decks, and other outdoor structures that are exposed to the elements.

When combined with NBS 30 from CTA Products, the protection of the wood is even better, NBS 30 is a natural-based insect repellent for wood that can deter nesting insects who simply tunnel or burrow into wood and spit out the frass.  Yet, it is also safe for use around people and pets. The combination of Q8 Log Oil and NBS 30 provides a complete wood protection solution that is easy to use and highly effective.

In conclusion, Q8 Log Oil from CTA Products is the best wood preservative on the market due to its ability to protect and enhance the natural beauty and long-term integrity of the wood.  It is easy to use! When combined with NBS 30, it creates the complete solution for exterior wood when the aesthetics demand a real wood look.



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