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8 Liter Low-Pressure Pump-Sprayer

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Our 8 liter (1.76 gallon) low-pressure pump-sprayer has been tested and selected specifically for applying water-based deck and fence stains. 

Unlike hardware store sprayers, ours comes with two application lances.  One is stainless steel which is ideal for spraying stains without clogging and providing even distribution.  The other is a traditional plastic-type-lance which makes this sprayer multi-functional for all of your home and garden projects.

The stainless lance is also suitable for spraying cleaning detergents and wood preservative treatments like Outlast Products Q8 Log Oil.

  • Two application lances (stainless steel for stains and plastic for most other projects)
  • Adjustable sprayer nozzle (both plastic and stainless steel lance)
  • Large mouth makes filling without a funnel easy
  • On-Off locking trigger
  • Hand pump and carrying handle
  • Heavy-duty hoses with large connections
  • Safety and pressure relief valve
  • Convenient nylon carrying strap
  • Non-corrosive polyethylene pump and body
  • Outer threads
  • Filling measurements make it easy to dilute concentrates


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