Full kit: 3 Gallons Q8 Log Oil PLUS NBS30, KleenStart, Pump Sprayer and Staining Accessories

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Our kits make applying Q8 Log Oil a breeze.  They include everything you need to preserve or refinish a fence, deck, log home or other exterior wood surfaces.

Kits are available in all six colors and include the following:

  • Q8 Log Oil - 3 x 1 gallon jugs (coverage for 450 - 900 square feet of wood surface depending on condition and porosity).
  • KleenStart wood cleaner - 1 x 32 ounce jug (cleans up to 1200 square feet of surface area)
  • NBS30 - No Bug Stuff Paint Additive - 1 x 16 ounce bottle (Add to up to 5 gallons of Q8 Log Oil to deter carpenter bees)
  • Vagabond 8L Sprayer specially designed for applying KleenStart and Q8 Log Oil.
  • Vagabond Staining Accessory kit including:
-One (1) 9’x12’ Plastic Drop Cloth
-One (1) 4’x12’ Canvas Drop Cloth
-One (1) Roll Blue Painters Masking Tape (1”x60 yards)
-One (1) Bristle Scrub Brush
-Two (2) Painters Rags
-One (1) Premium Varnish Paint Brush (2”)
-One (1) Wire Paint Roller Frame (4”)
-Two (2) 3/8” Nap Paint Roller Cover (4”)
-One (1) Indoor/Outdoor Safety Glasses (Light Tint)
-One (1) 3M VFlex NIOSH N95 Respirator
-Six (2sml,2med.2xl) Painters Gloves (Black, Nitrile, Industrial Grade, Powder-Free, 4 MIL

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